Compassionate Touch


Rosa Winfrey

Rosa Winfrey

If you are just joining our blog and would like to familiarize yourself with Lifeline Chaplaincy’s Compassionate Touch™ Program directed by Rosa Winfrey, below is a summary of what the program has to offer.

Dealing with a critical illness, whether one’s own or that of a loved one, is a load to bear in itself. Add to that the financial obligations, both medical and non-medical, that always accompany a critical illness. One quickly feels overwhelmed by the demands made upon one’s resources. This is especially true for many who come to the Texas Medical Center in Houston and the hospitals in the Dallas Metroplex. These hospitals offer some of the best medical care available anywhere in the world. People come from every part of the globe hoping to return home sound in body and mind. For some the trip is affordable, but for others it is not. In fact, many do not make the trip simply because the expense of staying in a hotel, eating out, paying for parking and numerous other hidden expenses are beyond their means. Some come in spite of the unknown expenses and get by as best they can. Even if that means they have to sleep in the waiting room of the hospital or in the back seat of their car.

Lifeline Chaplaincy’s Compassionate Touch™ Program seeks to ease this burden by providing for some of the non-medical financial needs of patients and their caregivers.

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