Human Tears Are Older Than The Rain

two cozy cups

The Hidden Face of God – Finding the missing door to the father through lament

Author: Michael Card

If you think about it, teardrops and raindrops have a lot in common. The rain occurs when the clouds become oversaturated, usually in association with a change in pressure in the atmosphere. Tears occur when our souls become oversaturated with pan or joy. Somewhere inwardly, a pressure builds up, which is only released when our tears start to flow. Even as the ground is watered and nourished by the drops of rain, so it is time for us to wake up to the nourishment and healing power of tears. Those small salty drops that burn our eyes are as fundamental to life as food an air. They are a mystery that cannot be explained away.

Most of us do our best to hide our tears. We try to hold back the pressure when we sense it building in our hearts. We mistakenly believe that if we can control our tears then we can control the pain.

Jesus seems never to have done this. He is so exquisitely turned to His soul that whenever suffering appeared, His own or anyone else’s, Jesus wept. His tears come freely when He arrives on the scene of the death of His close friend Lazarus. This was not a weakness but one of His greatest strengths (John 11:35).

He weeps when He sees Jerusalem, knowing the extent of the destruction that is just around the corner (Luke 19:41)

He weeps for sorrow in the garden, confessing to His disciples that the sorrow is about to kill Him (Mark 14:34)

Jesus was no stranger to the mystery of tears. He never once hid his face when it ws wet with them. If He was to be fully human, then tears had to be a fundamental part of the incarnate experience for Him. Like you and me, the first sound Jesus made to show that He was alive was the sound of weeping.

And so, from Jesus we learn that in order for us to become complete, to become fully human, we must take tears more seriously. We must understand that following Jesus, the Man of Sorrows, will mean more tears for us, not less. Perhaps we should be reminded of all this every time we sense the pressure changing and experience the “tears of the sky,” realizing all along that our own tears are older and more fundamental.


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