The Prayer of Reflection and Thanksgiving

Lord God,
Creator and Sustainer of life-
life too vast to comprehend
life too microscopic to behold.
Lifelof spirit, flesh, soul and mind,
all intrinsically woven
by Your love-filled hands.

We marvel at Your universe,
its unfathomable expansiveness
its power to replenish and to nurture.
We consider our place in the created order,
sometimes with questions of anguish and pain
sometimes with arrogant pride
sometimes with child-like wonder and thanksgiving.

Our vision, clouded and nearsigted, often
fails to see Your handwork,
Your ongoing re-creation,
Your voice that breaks through chaos.
Instead we focus on unfairness, on unmet expectations,
on mortal limitaions and natural diasters,
on differing perceptions and disagreements.

And yet, still at certain
sacred moments
the clouds break
And You stand in clear vision,
embracing us, showing us purpose
and meaning,
reminding us we are Your children.

For those moments, we are truly grateful.

At those moments, we are touched by You
through another’s kindness,
honest conversations,
and genuine acceptance.

Lord God,
Creator and Sustainer
Of life,

We give thanks.

Author: Virgil Fry


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